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Using existing images of you, I create a multi-dimensional time-traveling array of visceral, varied mystical images, combining your sacred objects, animals, elements into inspiring fine art for your home and online.

Look upon your soul's image, to remind yourself daily of your soul, your creativity, and how you are immensely so much more than this body.

If in the US - includes 3-5 unique prints size 8 x 10 inches.

Both US and abroad, you will receive high resolution digital files.

Includes one on one skype session so I can learn about you and feel into your higher self and your soul's purpose.

* * * * * *
includes an in-person mini photoshoot 1-2 looks, 20 minutes. (the photos of you are such a small aspect of this process, and the portraits go through such a transformation that only a few photos are needed.)

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