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Image of The Temple Boy in the Striped Shirt

The Temple Boy in the Striped Shirt

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This image:

Captured at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, December 2014.

I wanted to use the decorative holes in the walls to try and capture the Palace in a way where you wouldn't necessarily even know where you were - unless you knew the decor and tiling intimately, with it's gold, mirrors, rubies and blues...

I had to get my face pretty much on the ground, which in Thailand, is considered especially humiliating, as the head of a person is considered sacred, and to be respected. (Don't ever pat a child on the head in Thailand, or anyone for that matter.) Also, the ground is considered to be very dirty, and everyone is expected to remove their shoes inside of any home.

This image was taken using a 70-200mm lens - so a very large and conspicuous piece of equipment.

It was impossible to see or time who was coming into view through the geometric hole - it was mostly people's crotches and I couldn't get any lower, so I basically was just hoping for a kid to walk by, and of a certain height as well. Then I saw a kid, but I missed him - they would only be in the center of the hole for a split second. Another kid came by, but he had on t-shirt with a loud ugly logo...I probably spent half the day at this temple...and striped shirt little friend HAPPENED to walk into frame right as I HAPPENED to push the shutter. If I had waited until I saw him, I would have actually missed him. Thank you, my Photography Gods looking down on me.

This is one of my proudest achievements as a travel photographer, and it is made more significant since I am primarily a portrait photographer, and I just love faces and emotions. I love The Temple Boy's combination of both regal-ness and real simplicity. He's just a boy. But a boy in the grandest and probably the most sacred temple in Thailand.

Due to my travel schedule, a signed print may have to wait until I am back stateside. If you need a signed print of this in within a certain timeframe, message me to find out if I am in Los Angeles.

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