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Mentorship for Photographers


We meet weekly for 8 weeks to PUMP YOU UP and GET YOU WORKING, booking and making money doing what you LOVE and what you are best at.

We lay foundations,
keep you accountable,
fill your toolbox with tips and tricks,
follow-up and texting support.

Very collaborative, positive, creative, and a kick in the pants.

I give you my special sauce, my passion - you are a part of my legacy!

Photography is to be highly valued
and I will help you do so and find your people
who value you highly.

I am an open book!

I've been pro for over 17 years and I have been 6 figures for over 10 years, have grossed over a million dollars as a photographer, and have grossed over $80,000 creating, selling and capturing boutique adventure retreats in Cuba, Greece and Paris.

I've also worked in India, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hawaii and all over Europe.

Your success is my success.

Your return on your investment is of my highest importance -

Mentorship requires you to show up fully, commit and do the work.

For this reason, I do not give refunds for any reason.

Also includes WhatsApp text support with 24 hours M-F 10-6

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